So what do we actually mean when we say Zero Waste Design?

We are able to make completely efficient designs throughcomplex pattern engineering,where we manage to save the industry standard 25%waste that is thrown away before it even reaches the consumer. With Zero Waste Design every inch of fabric is perfectly placed, allowing for 100% use of materials. 

60 Billion meters is wasted every year due to inefficient pattern cutting practices. Growing plants, making fibers and manufacturing materials takes valuable time and energy, why would we waste that? 

Within the world of DECODE Zero Waste, we aim to make garments that are as close to "standard" as possible - where one may look at your Zero Waste Hoodie and not necessarily know right away that it is indeed Zero Waste. We are working to dispel the notion that Zero Waste is "boxy, or boring, or eco-chic." We make every day garments that fit great, have amazing function, and are meant to last a lifetime.



For more information about Zero Waste Design, educational content, and to get involved in the movement, visit our partner non-profit, Zero Waste Design Collective. 


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