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Bryce Wong and DECODE have teamed up for traceable blockchain fashion in this collaboration titled “Building Positive Space."

With this long sleeve, we are taking transparent manufacturing, Zero Waste Apparel, and blockchain technology to a whole new level. In addition to offering a tokenized membership for Bryce, this blockchain-enabled long sleeve debuts the world’s first-ever Zero Waste Certified product, paired with FOAM protocol's next-level proof of location.

Here, Bryce brings his signature style, depicting the blurred gradient between nature and happiness, using floral and smiley iconography.

*KONG*: physical NFT chips accessed via NFC on any smartphone
*IYK*: ERS resolver software experience
*FOAM*: Next-level proof of location verification protocol

Each piece is manufactured and certified in DECODE’s 
Brooklyn workshop.

100% Cotton Jersey 
Made in Brooklyn
Zero Waste Certified

Product is made to order and will ship within 6-8 weeks :)
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What do you mean by Zero Waste?

Imagine placing a circle in the middle of a page, cutting the circle out, and throwing away the rest of the paper. This is what the entire fashion industry does when they make your clothes, wasting an average of 20% of fabric that is never used in the making of a garment, typically ending up in landfills. That's where Zero Waste Design comes in. Through extremely complex pattern engineering we create perfectly complimentary shapes that use 100% of the fabric, that when sewn together create the garments that you see here. Welcome to the future!

In addition to Zero Waste, how else are you thinking sustainably?

We take the life span of any garment very seriously. While Zero Waste Design and Manufacturing takes care of the creation of the garment, the ingredients and materials used will not only give a garment a longer lifespan, but have a substantial impact should the garment reach 'end of life.'

This means using materials that are easy to recycle, reclaim, and return to earth. More importantly, we avoid mixing synthetic and natural materials, which cannot be easily separated or recycled.

If using Cotton, we ensure that it is made with 100% Cotton fabric, while using natural thread (lyocel, tencel, etc).

When will my product arrive?

In an effort to prevent overproducing product, all product is made to order. This leaves no leftover product due to unforeseeable circumstances (unpopular color, less common size, etc) and allows us to produce sustainably. This means that we dye our own fabrics. As a result, you should expect for your product to ship within 2-3 weeks. Thank you for taking part in a more sustainable future with us!

Care Instructions

To make sure your garment can live the longest that it can, please wash cold and air dry.

Every garment is intended for a lifetime of use. In the event that this is not the case, please do not throw this (or any) garments away. If unusable for resale or reuse, all of our fabric is 100% reclaimable, or we will be happy to repurpose it for you. Thank you!